• Central (Tehran)

    PDE Buldings,NO.35,Haghanie HWY,before Africa cross st. Tehran - Iran

    021-88202220  -  021-41546
  • China Office

    No.106, Building D, Buddy Hitech Innovation Park, 1 Xiashiwei Road, Fuyong Town, Bao'an District Shenzhen - China

  • UAE Office

  • Tehran Mall Office

    NO.8, Ground floor, Moatar Mall, Moatar Deadend, Naser Khosro st.

    02138942  -  02133531786
  • Mashhad Office

    Flat 503, Afra Commercial Complex, Sajad Blvd

    05137600077  -  05137600700
  • Shiraz Office

    No. 405, 3rd ALY, Afif Abad

    07136266873  -  07136266857
  • Tabriz Office

    No. 16 , Abrisham Tower, Shahid Beheshti Crossroads (Mansour)

    04135595659  -  04135595659
  • Karaj Office

    Flat 3, 1st FL, Razvan Tower, after Sepah Sq., Dr.Beheshti St.

  • Isfahan Office

    Flat 411 , Kosar Commercial Complex , Chaharbagh Bala

    03136205306  -  03136205307


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Customs Clearance
PDE is honored to provide the best customs clearance services and support to its customers among other courier companies in Iran by having the. more
Whenever you need the fastest transit time with an early morning delivery, use PDE International Courier Express Service and benefit from a premium, door-to-door customs cleared and time. more