Yes we do, PDE’s courier company sends parcels, documents and your gifts internationally.
Yes we do, PDE has import service from all around the world.
We do shipment to USA and Canada during 5 to 7 working days.
We do shipment to European countries during 5 to 7 working Days.
Yes, we have PDE’s express service from Dubai’s within 48 hours delivery and from turkey to Iran is from 48 to 72 hours delivery
PDE has door to door service for all your shipment
Door to door is a kind of special service ( door to airport) with the addition of shipping and then customs clearance we deliver to customer’s office or location.
No, you can ship any weight by using PDE’s Shipping service.
Yes, Shipment girth should not be exceeding 3 meter length and height shouldn’t exceed more than standards.
Yes you can call +981858 (In Tehran only) or call +982188202220 at any time to speak with one of our consultant about your post shipment services
Volumetric weight means dimension multiple, for example if the shipment is in big case but the net weight is low, in that case we should calculate volumetric weight, the formula of calculation is length x width x height and divided by 5000, the result will be volumetric weight number.
Some goods like batteries, chemical powders, poisonous materials, chemical materials, liquids, spray’s, flammable articles, are some dangerous goods, which should be carried with special handle-care and packages, which PDE’s company gives these services to his customers, For any further information and marketing call our sales department with the following numbers 1858 ( In Tehran only) or +982188202220