Within first phone call, Instructed PDE’s Authorities are fast to approach sender location, after giving receipt, the mailed letter is taken, loaded and cargo’s protected with accuracy and within less than no time it’s send to destination any-where in the county to the receiver. To make the concern order possible the mailed letter packaging is under the standards of firm registrations. The possibility for follow-ups are on the PDE’s firm website for their mailed letter at different stages of send/receive by Providing customer’s location are given and gives sender’s mailed letter location/destination, Even where there’s no PDE branch’s by supplying service expenses to ease customers with PDE’s firm exclusive services for their mailing letters to manufacturers or Businesses.

The benefits of PDE’s express

- The possibility of sending all over the country
- Sending within short period of time
- It’s inexpensive and affordable
- The ability of tacking posting predicates at any moment with the system of online tracing
-In order for above services call our numbers of 021-88202220 or 021-41546


Between 24 to 48 working hours after receiving source

Yes all items are packaged with the use of PDE’s dedicated envelops and boxes

With the assistance of our firm’s website address www.pdexp.com and by entering your Bill number can instantly be aware of your export.
Yes within the product worth declaration and separate packaging payment cost you’ll be insured.
Yes with separate payment cost of agency your item will be delivered

Items that contains military instruments or narcotic materials and That dealing or transporting them are restricted by the law of Islamic republic of Iran