Importing and transporting including papers, documents, and product samples with door-to-door delivery services from over 202 countries into Iran. PDE International Courier Service Express, an operating company which gives to its customers a simple, predictable, flat rate shipping option for their packages. PDE shipping is backed by the reliability, world-class tracking, time-definite delivery and high levels of customer services among all air freight and courier companies. “With its simple, predictable pricing, it takes convenience and flexibility to the next level for our customers, “For consumers and small businesses alike, PDE Flat Rate pricing allows customers to plan and control their express shipping costs more easily. They can add to the box without adding to the cost. For a shipment using PDE Services, customers simply select their free packaging and eligible express domestic shipping service. PDE Rate is then calculated based on the package dimension by calculation height x width x length and net weight, service selected and origin. PDE Delivery options also are available to residential recipients, or receiver request to hold at PDE Office or PDE ship centers.

PDE International shipping company offers several advantages to the customers, including:

  • PDE shipment rate is convenient and easy to access. It is available online through, or you are one call away to receive best price for heavy shipment.
  • Customers can also drop off their shipments at our offices in Tehran, Dubai and China.
  • No need to travel or having credit card for buying from websites or producer, we are here to give you these services and prepare your needs just by one call.
  • Our professional team in custom has this ability to release the shipment in the same day of entry to airport, which it saves money and time for our valuable customers.