Internal Economy Post


Delivering predicates with volume high weigh within short period of time and low cost. This service is answering to need of honorable customers without the Coercion of time period To receive their packages and also in search of low cost of their predicate. To use the top service call our numbers at 021-88202220 or 021-41546 .


Items are delivered within 48 to 72 hours of timing period

Yes all items are packaged with the use of PDE’s dedicated envelops and boxes

With the assistance of our firm’s website address and by entering your Bill number can instantly be aware of your export.
Yes within the product worth declaration and separate packaging payment cost you’ll be insured
Yes with separate payment cost of agency your item will be delivered

It’s within items without the Coercion of time period to receive their package and also that Items can’t be delivered with aircraft. As liquids, gases, chemical materials, Things with different volume

Yes by having the opinion of the delivery with private vehicles (pick-up or Mini pick up) is possible To send without the coercion of time and low cost is available.