Special services for online stores


PDE firm is in direction of forwarding online store goals and eliminate current obstacles, By taking action of a design for online stores. The creation of this design service at PDE Has lead from a direction with perspectives to achieve more working incomes for online stores and from Other pursuing way has broad gifted security to internet users.

Distributing online store products in the hand of buyers within less time period possible

One of the sections that brings more rivals on ahead and can have lots of shares at the market to bring you to your goals is by explaining orders and sending products at max speed. PDE’s firm with support of nearly twenty (20) years of arena activity in fast post international and internal delivery is presenting best direct solution to answer your needs.

Vast network distribution

Presenting distributer services and sending your products at all over Iran without any location limits.

Paying service at location (COD)

By using the service of paying at PDE’s location causes an increase of confidences to your customers and Finalizing with higher sales for stores in the future.

Yes, by securing your store exporting parcel with the same packaging will be send..

Yes with the coordination of informatics department PDE firm has the possibility of tracking package From the store website.

Wage is within the amount of two (2%) of the calculating bill will be received.
Yes sending again with payment of fifty (50%) cost, Sending once will be done.
Yes with a separate payment cost is ready and present.